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Witch City Walking Tours

A tour site for a city known as the "Witch City," which is commonly associated with Salem, Massachusetts. These tours typically focus on the rich history and folklore of Salem, including its infamous witch trials of the late 17th century. Visitors can explore the city's historical landmarks, learn about the Salem witch trials, and discover the fascinating stories and legends associated with this unique destination.

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Who we are

The Goal

Our goal for this project was to redesign Witch City Walking Tours current site to improve the user experience and look and feel. The customer also wanted it to be easy to update so they would be able to do so on there own.

4 Months
UI Screens, UX Flow, Prototype & Custom Webflow website

The process we follow


Learning more about our user is the first step to creating a great product.


We iterate on our design to give our clients options to accomplish their goals.


We then use Webflow to create a custom easier to update site that is user friendly for both the company and its users.


We continuous monitor our site to ensure a great user experience for all of our customers.

Mobile First

Most users tend to book tours using their smart phone

Creating a tailored experience focused on how your users behaviors is important these days.

Let's build something great together

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